The crowd-pleaser Gin and Tonic

Elephant Gin and Tonic with apples, thyme and elderflower tonic

It’s not all that likes gin as much as you do, so this G&T with Elephant Gin is a real good way to introduce people to G&T or to be served as a welcome drink when you are having people over for dinner – Like I did and it sure was a crowd-pleaser!

You can use all types of glassware, so if you only have wine glasses that’s completely fine. Do the following to make yourself a gin and tonic for the crowd.


• 4cl Elephant London Dry Gin
• 8cl Fever-Tree Elderflower
• Apple slice
• Thyme sprig
• One big ice cube or lots of smaller ones

I hope people likes it and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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